A couple of years ago I was working with one of my aunts and we were just sitting and having general conversations like we always did on lunch break. For some reason the topic of “boys” came up lol. My aunt asked me a question that I never really asked myself before she asked, “What are you looking for in a man Key?” I had to pause for a second because I really didn’t know at the time what she really meant so just like any other young lady I started naming out superficial things that I was looking for. So I ran down my “list of must haves” lol. My aunt looked at me and said you forgot something on your list. At this point I’m looking at her puzzled because I have hit point A to Z on what I wanted lol and I was pretty sure I covered everything. She said you mentioned everything but God. I thought for a second and realized I really did just skip right over the most important element of what should attract me in a man. After I decided to start this journey of celibacy what I was attracted to changed dramatically. I started being drawn to more Godly men then just the tall dark and handsome guys that I usually wanted. Here are a few things to look when distinguishing between Godly men and the rest of the population lol.

Godly Men Have “Relationship”

A relationship with God simply means that you have a personal relationship with the Father. You talk to him on a regular basis, and most importantly he is first in your life. Do not confuse a guy with having relationship just because he goes to church every Sunday. Remember a church goer and a Man of God are two different individuals.


Godly Men Will Lead You (But Not to the Bedroom)

This is an important characteristic that you should pay very close attention too. “Where is he leading you?” he can either lead you in one direction or the other; either towards God or away. 1Corth 11:3 states, “Now I want you to realize the head of every man is Christ and the head of every women is man”. If Christ is not the head of his life, it’s a safe beat that he will not be able to lead you in the direction that you need to be lead. Most importantly, Godly men will lead you in purity. Take it from me there are a lot of great guys out there who may “seem” like they would be “the one” when you first meet them. But if their leadership consists of “leading” to a sexual encounter then that is not someone who is God sent.


Godly Men Have Integrity

By definition, integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or a moral uprightness. According to The Bibleway Online, integrity implies consistency of an individual meaning that individual is “sound, faithful and truthful. A person’s character can say a lot about who they really are. I have seen a lot of people who “appear” to be one thing on the outside but their character does not match their outer appearance. Having integrity is a big part of being a Christian. Proverbs 10:9 states that “Whoever walk in integrity walks securely meaning they walk confidently. The Matthew Poole’s Commentary describes this person as one that is sincere, and just, and faithful in his dealings with God and with men.


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