Picture this…. you are going on a date to a nice restaurant where you order whatever you want on the menu…. or how about a date where you participate in arts n crafts or go to a painting class. If you are anything like myself and have that travel bug….just buy me a ticket and let’s go lol. But there is a catch…. I know the title of this post was a little misleading but this post is not about what type of date I would like someone to take me on and it’s not about how you like a guy to spoil and wine and dine you (although that would be great lol). This post is about dating YOU first. I can’t stress how important that is while you are single. And just like any other blog post I have posted I have to give you the backdrop from my POV lol…..

When I first became single (almost a decade ago…. yeah long time lol) I was really in an unhappy place. I was just starting to take my walk with Christ more seriously but I was having a hard time finding my own identity. I didn’t have much self-awareness coupled with low self-esteem and I wasn’t living my life to its fullest potential. I was just basically going to work, school, church and back home. One year I got tired of the cycle and I promised myself that I was going to do things that made me happy; no matter if I had to do them alone, and ever since then my life has been much more fulfilling. I had finally mastered the art of dating Me. The purpose of going on a date is to find out more about the other person. Well dating yourself works in the same context. There is a lot about YOU that you haven’t discovered yet because true self discovery requires some thinking and time alone. I get this question all the time…”How can you just go places by yourself” …. for starters I’m comfortable being alone…it doesn’t bother me…and I also find much solitude in it…. Secondly, I’m never alone…. God is always present in me and around me….so I don’t feel the feeling of being alone because His presence is a comforter John 14:16-20. Time alone is important. It gives you the opportunity to discover yourself and it also gives you the opportunity to discover God….without any limits or limitations. I now understand what Apostle Paul meant in 1 Corinthians 7:7 about the freedom of being single. Not only do you have less distractions and can focus on God fully but you have the freedom to explore you.  Here is the thing about dating yourself…you will continue to find out who you are and what makes you tick…..from there you start digging into your talents and hobbies and spiritual gifts….those then lead you to your passions…and your passion lead you to your PURPOSE…so use this period of time to get to know the 1 person that you have been dying to know….dating yourself is the ultimate self-care regimen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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