Diamond in the Rough


In the movie Aladdin, Jafar was desperately trying to enter the cave of wonders. He wanted to have in his possession the treasure that would give him the power he so desperately longer for……the Genie Lamp. But there were some stipulations for the entrance of the cave of wonders. Just anybody couldn’t enter in. It had to be a “Diamond in the Rough”.


Webster’s definition of a diamond in the rough is someone having exceptional qualities or potential but lack refinement or polish. Of course, this was not Jafar at all. He knew that he could not enter for fear of being swallowed up by the mouth of the cave. He went as far as to grab homeless people (street rats) off the street just to get what he wanted; all because he wanted the treasure that lies within the cave of wonders (how many times have we encountered those types of people in our everyday life….willing to take down or run over anyone to get what they want).



Aladdin was just the average guy in the neighborhood (well besides his sticky fingers lol) although his situation wasn’t ideal he always believed that he was more than what people perceived him to be. Deep down inside he knew he had a purpose that was beyond just being a street rat. Some things we can see externally about Aladdin 1) he came from an inconsequential place and 2) although his life and circumstances were not ideal; he still felt that he possessed treasure within himself. Little did he know that although he was rough on the outside; there was a diamond within him.



God has this amazing ability to bury treasure deep down inside of you; so deep to where the enemy cant reach it. Although the devil cant reach it; it doesn’t deter him from trying to snatch it away; because if you could ever tap into your treasure (your purpose) he knows the power that you will have and you will become a threat to him. Jafar already had status and power at the palace but was still intimidated by Aladdin; who had nothing but his treasure that was buried down inside of him. Isn’t that funny how someone who already has the position and power can still be intimidated by someone lower than them!!!!! A lot of times the enemy can see your potential….he can already see your power…your gifts and your treasure….wayyyyyy before you even realize you have a purpose. The good news is that God will always protect your treasure. He knows that the enemy will try to take it for himself. Every adversary he sent to take what’s yours got swallowed up. God has and is continuing to protect what’s yours so that one day He will take you out of the rough and polish you with His Word so that your treasure will shine through.